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CFIUS in the 21st Century: The Guardian of the Technology Revolution 

My current book project, CFIUS in the 21st Century: The Guardian of the Technology Revolution, examines the American and the Chinese conceptualizations of national security, and their implications on how each nation defines their grand strategies vis-à-vis one another. The book theorizes on the Chinese model of economic statecraft as grand strategy, with a specific focus on how the state instrumentalizes commercial actors and foreign direct investment (FDI), in the strategic competition on foundational and critical and emerging technologies. The book traces the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’ (CFIUS) history, situating its role and impact within the USG’s interagency process, and diagnosing how this powerful body has accommodated emerging geopolitical threats. The book makes the case for the need to reform and reimagine CFIUS’ role in relation to both research and development and foreign direct investment flows from key competitors, informed by case studies covering critical and emerging technology transactions in biotech, telecom, computing, semiconductors, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.  




A very important project, that’s very close to my heart, and which has too often been

interrupted, disrupted, and hindered by fear, and more traditional professional pursuits.

This book introduces western academia to the concept of lhogra. It defines and

illustrates the concept and its evolution through a poignant anthology.





                                                                                                      Artwork designed by Elly Rostoum.

                                                  Inspired by Jose Guadalupe Posada's "La Calavera Catrina," circa 1910.

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