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Elly Rostoum

Scholar | Storyteller

“I am Arab, Berber, African, and Muslim. I belong to four traditions to which storytelling is central. It is how we raise children, pass on wisdom, and even build entire bodies of religious jurisprudence.  I have been writing since I was 15. Writing is a vulnerable endeavor for me, but I also feel compelled to do it. I can’t help but write. I have traveled extensively and been lucky to call many places around the world home. What has always struck me is the commonality of our experience as people: we love, we trust, we betray, we fear. Our instincts and what drives us are the same: to protect, to love. I found in writing a way to share stories that might be mine, but that are yet unique to all of us. At heart, I am a belly dancer and a Jazz aficionado who should have grown up to be a sexy bar owner on a Mediterranean beachfront. But since #RentIsABitch, when I am not writing, I masquerade as a Political Scientist.”





Dear Friends,   

I have been busy working on my professional and academic life - but I am very happy to be working on two great (and fun!!) book projects... so please stay tuned!



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